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I’ve grown up

I have. I’ve grown up.

I know that after that sentence, starting with “I watched Office Space and was inspired to plan my future” doesn’t sound very promising. But that’s exactly what I did. I was watching the movie, and it occurred to me that I don’t have to go to grad school and submit myself to all of these pressures that I DO NOT want. Peter ends up being a construction worker, even though he has a degree in computer science (presumably) and would make more at a software processing company, because Peter REALIZED what would make HIM happy. HE wanted freetime and sunshine, not a cubicle and flickering halogen lights and a few extra dollars in his pocket. This is how I feel about this. I have decided, as is a fine profession, to be an administrative assistant. I can type 80 words per minute, I’m computer literate, and I can be pretty damn organized. I also like the thought of not having to take my work home with me, not having to work my butt off this last year of college, not having to take the GRE, not having to pay for grad school, and not having to move away. This is totally what I want, and I will be VERY happy.

So yes. By watching Office Space, I HAVE grown up.

and hey, the ending of my childhood (and subsequent beginning of my adulthood) culminated with the end of Harry Potter. A lot of people say that they grew up with Harry Potter, but the people that are my age literally GREW UP with him. The first book, though released in 1998, became popular around 2001, when I was eleven and so was Harry. As the new books came out throughout my childhood, the 7th one (where Harry was 17) came out when I ALSO was 17. So I really did grow up with him. When my parents moved out of my childhood home, the only thing from my childhood that I had left was Harry.When the film was over (even though it wasn’t that great) I was really upset. My heart was, for lack of a better word, withering. That last semblance of my youth had just been concluded, finished, ended. Harry Potter, and my childhood along with it, is finished.

and it was tough, but I think that I am ready to be a “grown up” now.


Intro to Qur’an

Well, so much for the daily blogging. My next ten entries on WordPress will be for my Intro to Qur’an class. If you like, you can view them here:

Comedy Central Presents

So I’ve started watching Comedy Central Presents. All 240 episodes (minus a few chick comedians, because everyone knows chicks aren’t funny.)


It’s a daunting task, but I like to have things to do that are funny and that can help me escape from the mundane banality that is my life.

Daily Blogging

I really should start blogging daily. Just a way to write SOMETHING and get my thoughts out there and put them into words. I know that I won’t keep it up, but I want to make an honest effort to at least TRY to blog every day.


So, I’ve been doing poorly in school. For some reason, I’ve gotten really depressed lately and I’ve lost all my motivation. I did some real soul searching, and am now seeing a counselor to help me sort out these feelings and fix them. I temper these weekly meetings with yoga and herbal remedies. Recently, I have found a diet that works for me, and I have purchased a bike. So healthy diet and exercise can be added to that list.


I also decided I’m moving to Louisiana after I graduate college. Even if I do not get into the LSU graduate program. I’m probably still going there. It will be good for me to get a change of scenery and move somewhere where I can start fresh.


…I need change, and I’m going to grab it.




My life has been so lacklustre lately I can barely stand it. I am overwhelmed by school, and I have hit a roadblock in my writing. I want to get my life on track, and get everything in order, but it’s difficult when you’ve fallen so far off the wagon.


The only thing that really inspires me these days is my yoga practice. I love it, it keeps me energized, its the only thing I look forward to these days, and it’s good for me. I think I need to turn over a new leaf. I need this semester to end so I can begin anew.

I have made some resolutions for myself for next semester:

-Write SOMETHING every day.

-Do better in school.

-Read SOMETHING every day.

-Meditate/Practice yoga for at least 30 mins every day.


I think that if I perform these activities, my life will somehow have meaning again. After a desolate period of trudging through the proverbial desert, I need a drink of water, and hopefully next semester will slake my thirst.

Getting There

I know I haven’t written in a while… I was a little bit overwhelmed by things in my life, and I had to push aside things that didn’t have deadlines, like my writing, my blog, and my deviantart account.

I called my mom this morning, upset, mostly because of my grades, but also just because I was unhappy.

She assured me that she and my dad were NOT disappointed in me, and they loved me, and that if I did my best, they would be happy. Disappointing them was one of my biggest concerns. My mom also went on to say that some of my general unhappiness probably came subconciously from the fact that she sold the home I grew up in… that when I go to my parents place, it’s just that. “My parents place.” it’s not “home.” I don’t really have a “home” to go back to. She couldn’t have been more spot on with that.

Basically, I am/was unhappy, but talking to my mom has helped me to understand where its coming from and I’m on the mend…


all the best,


My Hero

Not to sound Cliche, but I am my father’s biggest fan.

He is my hero.

I’ve never known someone who can be so calm, so smart, and so… happy- while it making it look SO efortless. This is a man, who has worked hard to get everything that I’d ever want. He’s terrific, and he is, without a doubt, my hero.

I’m not really sure what brought this on, but I’ve just been thinking about it all night, and there was an episode of 30 Rock on, where Jack told Kenneth that Kenneth was his hero, and I thought to myself: “Who is my hero?”

And it’s totally my father. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that.